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The combination of the freshest seafood from Suruga Bay, a large range of vegetables and meat from the mountains around Mt. Fuji pure and clean spring water allows Shizuoka to offer some of the finest dining available in Japan.
From the deliciously tender "Ashitaka beaf", through to Numazu's famous horse mackerel, a Mishima's excellent eel.
There are surely many unique dishes and flavours to suit the most discerning palate.

Photo Name Information
Sakuraya This is the most famous eel restaurant in Mishima and has operated for over 100 years. It offers both the more common grilled eel with teriyaki sauce as well as shirayaki or white grilled eel.
Coo Coo is owned by the same owner of the popular K's Diner which is a restaurant on the south side of Mishima station. Coo has a very sophisticated and chic appearance from the outside so it would be a great place for a first date.
Soba Dining Den This is the "sister" restaurant to the famous Sushi Den. It offers a modern style of the traditional soba dish in a unique setting.
Unashige Another famous eel restaurant that serves an interesting dish known as "ishiyaki bibinba" which is eel cooked on stone with a Korean flavour.
Fukube During winter it serves blowfish and year round you can eat "shabu shabu" which is sure to make you smile.
Sugimoto A traditional soba restaurant in a very old Japanese style building that takes you back to old Japan where you are treated like a celebrity.
Jinbe A restaurant specialising in dishes made from snapping turtle which is rich in collagen to make your skin beatiful.
Fukuden Specializes in dishes that look like something you would find in a Buddhist temple being vegetarian and almost Zen.
Honcho Unayoshi Another of the famous eel restaurants in Mishima where you can eat extra large serves of eel on rice.
Katsumasa Serves the juciest cutlets with endless fresh cabbage, delicious rice and soup.
Wa Diner Sun Delicious Japanese food served next to a beatiful traditional Japanese garden.