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Shizuoka's sushi and kaiseki feature delicious fresh seafood from Suruga Bay which means you can experience Michelin 3 stars quality restaurants easily in this area.
You must book first though to insure you get a table and also so that the restaurant can order and prepare the ingredients for your meal.

Photo Name Information
Garden Basara You can eat food made famous by Aoyagi restaurant in Tokushima right have in Shizuoka.
Genji The view of Mt. Kanuki and the Kano river are complimented by the unique and traditional kaiseki food. Conveniently located near Numazu station in the Tokyu hotel you should come and try it yourself.
Futaba sushi An old and famous sushi restaurant where you can enjoy traditional style sushi.
Sushi Den A sister shop of Soba Dining Den which is the trendiest sushi restaurant in Numazu. The look and taste of the food is so good that you are guaranteed to have great time and be satisfied.
Takashima This restaurant opens at 6:00 am when you can enjoy sushi for onlu 100 yen a piece.
Seian The range of sake is amazing and goes well with the delicious sushi and handmade soba.
Sushi Bun The top sushi restaurant in Numazu where long queues of people patiently wait everyday before opening time to experience the taste for themselves.
Kubota Another fine kaiseki restaurant that serves this beatiful and delicious style of food at a very reasonable price.
Gurakuan A restaurant with an excellent range of Japanese sake whose dishes are guaranteed not to contain any chemical additives and ave one hundred percent natural.
Shimazu Fresh seasonal sushi kaiseki is served in private rooms with an excellent view of Suruga Bay.
Makiji A very old and famous kaiseki restaurant that is difficult to make a reservtion for due to its popularity.