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I am an Australian who has been lucky enough to live in Mishima and Numazu for nearly 4 years. I was given the chance to sample some of the areas first restaurants and would like to share my experiences with you. I went to only Japanese style restaurants in the hope to introduce this unique, traditional and delicious style of restaurant to people from all over the world. This region is famous for all kinds of food ranging from seafood from the mysterious depths of Suruga Bay to rare mountain delicacies and the famous Ashitaka beaf.

Photo Name Information
Shimazu A high class sushi kaiseki restaurant whose presentation style originate from the ancient and sacred Japanese tea ceremony. Come and eat super fresh and delicious food in a private room over looking the beatiful Suruga Bay.
Sushi Bun The best of many excellent sushi restaurants clusteres around Numazu port where the tuna and other seafood is as fresh as it can be. The long queues outside Sushi Den before opening time tell the story that it is too good to miss.
Garden Basara Set amoungst beatiful gardens this restaurant offers the chance to sample the famous dishes from Aoyagi in Tokushima right here in Shizuoka. The chef's presentation and skill complemented by the serene surroundings and excellent service make this a very pleasant dining experience.
Fukube This restaurant offers the famous delicacey blowfish in winter as well as high class Japanese steak in summer. The steak is unbelievably tender and delicious while the blowfish has a mild a subtle flavour that is sure to put a smile on your face.
Katsumasa For all you cutlet and schnitzel fans out there this is a must! Come and try Japanese pork cutlet with freshly ground roasted sesame, endless crispy cabbage and delicious pork and vegetable soup.
Soba Dining Den The decor of this brand new sophisticated restaurant is the first indication you get as to how good your dinner will be. The blend of traditional Japanese style, with modern touches such as the Jazz music matches the high class, beatifully presented and very delicious food that Soba dining Den offers.
Dokan Kagari Experience a mixture of fine food and entertaiment at this high class teppanyaki (barbeque style) restaurant. The steak is juicy and tender, the vegetables fresh and crisp and the flambeed icecream for dessert is both spectacular and delicious.
Unashige One of the famous eel restaurants in Mishima where local eels are cooked to perfection. Its larger range of dishes and new a spacious decor combined with excellent service make it my restaurant of choice and I highly recommend you try it for yourself.
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